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Fontanka river embankment,86/2
The accessories and the  light

The accessories and the light

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The newsstands FAN
from 170 €
The shelves OSAKA
from 182 €
The shelve WING
from 166 €
The hungers  HULA
from 468 €
The hungers ALGA
from 470 €
The hungers  BATTISTA
from 272 €
The mirror BREAK
from 428 €
The mirrors DOUBLE
from 397 €
The mirrorsTONDO
from 273 €
The mirrors SQUARE
from 244 €
The mirrors RENOIR
from 434 €
The mirrors DIAMANTE
from 1 149 €
The mirrors EIDOS
from 272 €
The mirrors KING
from 621 €

Interior Items

Nothing gives a modern home a personality and expressiveness as skillfully selected accessories. They serve as the finishing touch in any interior and bring together all the other elements of space into a single whole. Stylish wall clocks in the living room or an elegant mirror in the hallway can add atmosphere and sophistication, where necessary, and will always delight the eye. Surrounding us

every day, such details become an integral part of our life and form our understanding of beauty and coziness.

For its customers, Interni di Casa selects the very best from the world of decor and interior design. Our catalog contains unique collections of accessories from well-known European companies, including Nomon and Nomon Home, Bontempi and Saba. Even the most sophisticated connoisseurs will find something exciting and new for themselves - something that will transform space and inspire. In our choice, we rely on the criteria of quality, originality of the idea and aesthetic appeal. You can get the most various home decoration from us, including:

  • floor, wall and table clock
  • mirrors
  • decorative screens and covers
  • sculptural objects


Interior accessories are a field for experiments and discoveries, freedom of creativity for both the buyer and the manufacturer. The simplest line here is the pinnacle of excellence and an example of masterly handicraft; valuable and noble materials (natural wood, marble, bronze, etc.) are used in unusual roles, expanding the boundaries of what is possible in design. This is real art in its most applied form.

At Interni di Casa you will find interior items that are not represented anywhere else. You can buy goods in stock or on order. Our specialists will be happy to tell you more about brands and collections in the salon or over the phone.

Designer light

Proper lighting plays a significant role in creating a comfortable atmosphere in the interior. Choosing lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and table lamps, you solve not only the primary task - to make the rooms bright and comfortable for living - but also shape the mood in the whole house. Carefully designed lighting accents can decorate even the most modest room, adding to it elegance, personality and coziness; unsufficient lighting design, on the contrary, can reduce all your efforts to naught.

Interni di Casa presents current collections of designer light from the best European manufacturers. We select brands that share the values of our company and our customers with particular care: for them, a

work of art, multiplied by first-class functionality. In our catalog you will find a variety of models in style, size and purpose, including:

  • floor lamps
  • ceiling lighting
  • sconces
  • desk lamp
  • bedside lamps and much other

Types of lighting

In lighting design, it is customary to distinguish three main types of lighting, each of which performs a specific function.


The main source of light, the power of which is enough to create a comfortable atmosphere and freedom of movement. Most often it is soft, diffused light from a chandelier or pendant lights - it does not irritate the eyes, relaxes, but is not suitable for spot work.


Brighter and more direct light for active areas where you are engaged in cooking, reading, working on a computer and other things. Such lighting, stimulating the brain, give table and floor lamps, recessed lamps.


The most concentrated light, the main function of which is to emphasize the interior. Thanks to him, you can skillfully draw attention to objects of art, add drama and mystery, as well as just highlight one area in the room or hide another. In this case, you should pay attention to the ceiling tires, spotlights.

Effective and spectacular lighting, as a rule, combines all these three types. Do not be afraid to experiment with the height and location of light accents - the whole interior benefits from this. It is also worth remembering about such properties of light as temperature and intensity. They are responsible for the formation of the necessary tonality and atmosphere.

At Interni di Casa you can buy everything you need to light your apartment, home or office. If you are not sure what exactly fits your interior, our specialists will be happy to advise you and offer you possible options.

We will help you with choice
We will help you with choice
We will contact you and explain and tell everything!
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Opening of the showroom on December 5
on the Fontanka River Embankment 86/2
Interni Di Casa
Fontanka river embankment,86/2 191024 Санкт-Петербург,
+7 (812)9509638