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Fontanka river embankment,86/2


Payment Methods

For the convenience of our customers, we offer several

payment methods when buying furniture from the Interni di Casa catalog. You can make a payment by choosing a payment:

Cash in the salon
Interni di Casa
You can pay your order in cash at our designer furniture salon at Perekupnoy pereulok, 2
By invoice
in the bank
(for individuals)
You can pay
at any bank, having received an invoice from our specialist or by selecting the appropriate option on the website when placing an order.
The invoice is sent
to your email.
By bank transfer (for legal entities)
If the order is made
to a legal entity, you can make a payment by bank transfer. The invoice will be sent to you in a separate letter after
placing an order.

If you have any questions regarding the payment method, you can always consult and clarify details with our employees.

Please note that the following conditions apply to any purchase at Interni di Casa:

  • The prices for brands' products indicated on the website are current, final and exclude the cost of any additional services. You can order delivery and assembly for a fee.
  • Custom-made furniture is possible in case of full prepayment. We also offer our customers the opportunity to split the payment: 70% of the cost of the goods is paid at the time of placing the order, and the remaining 30% - when the goods are in stock. You can learn all the details about this and other payment methods from our specialists.
  • A guarantee (1 year) applies to the goods you purchased, provided that you have documents confirming the fact of payment, a sales contract or a waybill.
Interni di Casa delivers modern furniture
and interior items
throughout Russia as well
to neighboring countries.
You can be sure that you will receive
Your order is timely and in the perfect condition that distinguishes products of premium brands.

Our experts monitor the execution of work at every stage: before sending, they will definitely check the condition of the furniture
in case of production defects, we will check all stages of packaging
and its quality, and then the delivery process
from shipment of the order to its arrival at your home.
St. Petersburg and LO

Delivery cost within the Ring Road 2500 rubles

The cost of delivery outside the Ring Road 40 rubles per 1 km.

Other regions and neighboring countries

Delivery cost within the MKAD 3000 rubles

The cost of delivery outside the MKAD 60 rubles per 1 km.

Other regions and neighboring countries

Delivery of orders is carried out by the transport company "Business Lines". You can clarify the cost of delivery to your address by contacting one of our specialists or using the cost calculator on the website of the delivery service.


Interni di Casa presents products only from manufacturers

whose standards of quality and safety are confirmed by certificates of international level, and reputation is time-tested.

Our customers can be sure that their chosen furniture will delight them for many years.

We, in turn, are ready to provide any assistance in the framework of warranty and post-warranty service after purchasing the goods in our salon

and online store.

Warranty on furniture and home decoration
1 year warranty applies to all products purchased by you.
at Interni di Casa, including custom-made furniture. You can use the warranty services if you have a contract of sale, received by you upon receipt of the purchased goods, which serves as an official guarantee document. In case of its absence, warranty service is not provided.
The guarantee is considered valid from the moment of transfer of the goods to the buyer.
According to the terms of the guarantee, we undertake to replace the product with a new one or refund your money for it, provided that you have discovered a defect included in the list of warranty cases. In such a situation, you only need to contact us and confirm the fact of purchase
in the online store Interni di Casa, presenting the relevant document. We take care of the rest.

Warranty Cases:

  • manufacturing defect
  • damage received by the goods upon delivery
  • damage caused by collectors

Non-warranty cases:

  • damage resulting from improper use and non-compliance with storage conditions
  • damage received by goods during pickup
  • damage caused by the buyer's fault during self-assembly
  • natural wear of furniture and home decoration

You can clarify the conditions of warranty service, as well as fill out an application for your warranty case by contacting

to the Contact and Service sections on our website.

Warranty on furniture and home decoration
After-sales service
At Interni di Casa, we are happy to help our customers always, and not just within the warranty period.
If you have any problem with the furniture purchased in our salon and online store, you can contact us even if the warranty period has long expired. Our experts will be happy to advise you, select possible solutions to the problem, and also direct you to our furniture repair and restoration service, if this
there will be a need.
Exchange and return of goods

According to the "Law of the Russian Federation" On Protection of Consumer Rights "dated 02/07/1992 N 2300-1, Art. 26.1, p. 4, you can return or exchange the goods you purchased at any time before receiving it or within 7 days after the moment of transfer, if for some reason it does not suit you. It is enough for you to present an agreement on the purchase of furniture or interior items at Interni di Casa, and we will definitely accept them back. In this case, the buyer pays for shipping costs and agrees to comply with the following conditions:

  • furniture and interior items retain consumer qualities and presentation
  • the product has factory packaging
  • furniture was not made to order according to individual design
  • the product was not in use

If the above conditions are not met, the return and exchange of goods is not carried out.

If you want to exchange or return an item purchased at Interni di Casa, please contact one of our specialists by phone or email specified in the Contact section.

We will help you!

Exchange and return of goods
Official representative
Interni di Casa only cooperates with world leading manufacturers of modern furniture and home decoration. It is important for us that our customers have the opportunity easily purchase high-quality products that will fully meet their requirements and desires.
That is why we carefully select our partners and we are their official representatives in Russia, I guarantee our customers the best service, a wide and original assortment, as well as current prices for all goods.
Official representative
Our customers come to Interni di Casa with a definite purpose - to select and acquire stylish, modern furniture and interior items of premium quality.

We know how difficult this process can be, and we do everything to make it as harmonious, enjoyable and effective for you as possible. All our employees are professionals in their field: they will readily provide you with all the necessary information, help you navigate the assortment of goods, and will go with you from the initial application to the delivery of the order to your home.

We always listen to feedback from our customers. If, after contacting our company, for some reason you are unsatisfied with the quality of service, please tell us about it. Whatever the current situation, we will definitely understand it and as soon as possible will solve any problem that has arisen

Your opinion is invaluable to us,
since it is with you
we are getting better!
We will help you with choice
We will help you with choice
We will contact you and explain and tell everything!
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Interni Di Casa
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+7 (812)9509638
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